rottensalts said: the only thing i think i can add is that i’m pretty sure because of the eye shape, glare appears on the OPPOSITE side of the light source.

what kind of asshole god makes the iris a 3-dimensional object. what kind of asshole god hates artists SO MUCH 

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coolcosplayer101co said:
Wow you're an amazing artist! I'm going back to drawing, any tips? c:

Uhmmm…I’m not really sure where to start with tips. Art tips are kind of specific to art style; tips for a grim, thin-lined art style won’t work for an elastic, thick-lined art style, for example. The best advice is the really specific stuff, to target your flaws and make your existing skills more apparent.  

Though, if your art is weak, you can always accentuate it with really nice colouring! Here’s a lighting and shading tutorial to make your colours POP. 

A lot of people shade with a darker version of the colour being shaded. It’s a common technique for animating, since it means you can slap the character model into any setting and it still looks fine, but for regular illustrations, you should make sure the character looks like they’re in the setting.

I shade using a slightly tinted layer set to multiply.

A lot of people forget about lighting! Including me. Whatever. 

A lot of people (including me) tend to forget where the light is by the time the shading stage comes around, so a good way to keep track is to draw the eyeshine during the lineart stage. Or hell, the sketch stage.

To make the light look stronger/more luscious in its rays, you can airbrush veeery lightly over the picture, for both shading and lighting! Its mostly to give the flat colours a gradient effect, but you can also use it to make the lighting all glow-y.

The shadows aren’t really all that dark in the light, but notice how I shade more where the light isn’t shining! Rushed cel-shading at its finest.

I’m using a character as an example for these, but you can use these techniques on pretty much everything. Like so: 

I did this in like 10 minutes, but the basics are there.

Oh, yeah, we should probably talk about light and colour reflection! Are you ready for some SCIENCE????

Colour is created by an object reflecting light. For example, a leaf will absorb most colours, but it will reflect the colour green. This makes the leaf appear green to our eyes! NEAT. 

Now, with this in mind, you can consciously remember a neat fact; reflecting a colour is basically bouncing light back. Therefore, brightly coloured objects will give off light. 

In this picture, despite the strong lighting in the opposite direction and the shading set against the wall, the character is still slightly backlit! This is the wall bouncing the colour pink back onto the character’s body. 

Understanding how colour reflection works is a huge help with colour theory and painted art, and will help you colour more complicated pieces! 

Anyway, that’s all I got on the basics of shading and lighting. I’m probably missing a butt-ton, but I work with a really simple art style, so. ???

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gammastrahlen replied to your post: All the Vocaloids I own in the order I…

Kaito is missing

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All the Vocaloids I own in the order I acquired them: Leon, Sonika, Tonio, Oliver, and Hio!

This was going to be my YT channel art, but I can’t use it because YT channel uploader/cropper is broke as hell. w/e man

The designs are a little different since the last time I drew my babes, like Leon’s new everything, Sonika’s new early-00s syndrome, Tonio’s new sweater, and Hio’s simplified coat. No changes to how I draw Oliver, because Oliver is flawless.

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revisiting vocaloid-tan to adequately depict the vocaloid fandom’s feelings right now

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I’ve been meaning to redraw this old macro for a while now but with the rise of confused gaga fans flipping their shit over the miku/gaga tour i thought a change of character was in order

(small ver. for best macro use here)

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Anonymous said:
u should draw #11

not really in the mood so i’ll just cheat and give you a bit from the my universal animation

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I’m not sure if it’s just the cold or whatever but I have really not been in the mood to render any art lately

so here is a 190 spam to help work out the art slumps

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This is just her beachwear. Her normal outfit is a seifuku.

according to my notes, her name is Takokoro. Takaroko. Takarokokorotere—

(It’s actually Tkr’krkorothet.)

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