no matter how many times compulsive oc-making has backfired i keep doing it

I’ve been doing massive amounts of mental illness research for this, even though it’s pretty goofy! They’re characters for this pitch.

(The only neuro-divergent one in this particular line-up is Kou, who is autistic. His hoodie has noise-cancelling/atmospheric-audio-playing headphones and scented liners, to keep him from over-stimulating on outside excursions.)

Basically: Sci-fi speculative fiction, Not!Shinto, consumerism and family narratives, serious MOGII discussions, casually neuro-divergent characters, and also every battle manga trope in creation, ever. And most of the characters are cute boys. There is not a single thing about this that is not some form of self-indulgence.

But mostly bullshit magic power battles. That’s the important bit. 

the only rule about being an alice in wonderland nerd is that if you shit all over the canon you do it using the books as a reference

Compact version of this pitch btw

(made tomoki way cuter because his loser trashbaby design was actually starting to make me actively uncomfortable)

what have i been doing on twitter, you ask? well

Also, some character concepts for Cei Adri! Full demon lord on the left, purified on the right. 

All the routes are narratively linear and kinda short, but you can pick whether or not Cei Adri’s demonic traits are removed. Since Cei Adri’s personality drastically changes after full infection, each route gets an entirely different narrative depending on which one you picked. So 6 main stories!

I don’t know if Cei Adri’s design will actually change for purified routes? Maybe just in specific routes? Ehhh??? 

Redid the protagonist’s art so you can actually see his whole outfit and he actually looks 20

The main character and demon lord, Cei Adri! (The ‘C’ is pronounced ‘Ch’). His name is both an old-man name and a generic name; it means ‘under the flames/heat’, which is a common subject for Maruk Tei names, but the most modern name is ‘Adridae’, which means ‘the burning sky’s heat’. ‘Adri' was coined before people started catching wise to the fact the sudden surges of heat are caused by the atmosphere, about two centuries ago. 

Haha! Worldbuilding. 

Cei Adri is entirely passive and the cult of Hienom that is infecting him is the one with all the demon lord tropes, so not much to talk about on that front.

I kept the metal bits on his design, since no one is going to put bits of metal directly onto their body in consistent 40 degree weather unless they themselves are metal as hell. Perfect for a demon lord!

VOCALOID X Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

This was a fairly standard fanart considering how violent I draw Oliver on a regular basis, but the shoehorned inclusion of Mayu as Godai (seeing as she’s the 3rd person singing in the cover I made) is making me ask a lot of questions I never thought would ever need asking

like, is she part of some sort of lolita loan shark business? loans for lolita lovers? Break a girl’s fucking kneecaps because she underestimated how much suffering is required to get THAT BRAND

Banner for my Twitter. All the Vocaloids I currently own, in no particular order.

P.S. If you’re wondering why I haven’t been drawing much lately DO I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU